Can PS5 Controller Turn On Automatically? Save battery tips

Can PS5 Controller Turn On Automatically Save battery tips

If the PS5 controller is kept turned on, it can still drain the battery even when not in use. But can the PS5 controller turn on automatically?

PS5 Controller cannot turn on automatically by itself. However, when the DualSense controller is connected to Bluetooth devices such as a PC or Smartphone, the controller can remain turned on even if you switch off other devices. Hold the PS button for 10 seconds to turn off your controller.  

You can increase the battery life of your PS5 controller by following the tips mentioned in this article. In this way, you can play for a longer time on your gaming console or another device.

Can the PS5 controller turn on automatically?

DualSense controller cannot turn on by itself. That being said, you could be using Dualsense on devices other than PlayStation 5 console. After you connect it to other devices such as a PC, or Mobile Phone using a Bluetooth connection, the controller will not shut down even if you turn off your PC or Mobile Phone. 

To turn off your PS5 controller, press and hold the PlayStation button for about 10 seconds and it will turn off. The lights around the touchpad will turn off, signaling the fact that it is turned off properly. This way you can save its battery life and use it for longer periods. 

Battery-saving tips for PS5 controller.

  • Turn off the controller when not needed: Whenever you are not using the Dualsense controller, it is always a good idea to turn it off. For E.g. if you are taking a break from your game or doing something on PlayStation 5 console with the PS remote, like watching videos. Turning it off can enhance the battery duration.
  • Do not keep Dualsense plugged into the charging device: Like with other devices such as mobile phones, we remove the Smartphones from charging when they are fully charged. We think the same should be followed with your DualSense as well. Even though charging is automatically cut off once Dualsense reaches a full charge, it is always a good idea to not keep it on charging for an extended period. This will help in keeping the battery healthy.
  • Do not let the battery of the PS5 controller die completely: Another tip to keep the battery healthy, which indirectly helps in longer gaming sessions with DualSense is to not let the battery drain out completely. We recommend you charge the controller once the low battery indicator is displayed.
  • Dim the brightness of the controller indicator: You can also dim the brightness of the lights on top of DualSense. This will cause less battery usage by the controller and can noticeably enhance the batter duration. To Dim, its brightness go to Settings > Accessories > Controllers>Brightness of controller indicator> Set it to ‘Dim’.
  • Set a timer to turn off the controller when not in use: You can also set a timer to turn it off so that whenever you are not using the DualSense, then it will turn off by itself when not in use for a certain period. You can follow the steps mentioned in the next section to know how to set a timer.

How to set a timer to turn off the PS5 controller when not in use?

You can follow the below steps to set a timer so that DualSense turns off by itself:

  • Go to the “Settings” on your PlayStation 5.
  • Then open the “System” menu from the options.
  • Now go to the “Power Saving” from the list of options shown on the screen.
PS5’s power-saving setting
  • Now go to “Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off” from the menu displayed on the screen. You will have a list of options such as ‘After 10 minutes’ or ‘After 30 minutes’ and so on. We recommend that you at least choose the option ‘After 60 Minutes’ so that DualSense turns off after 60 minutes of inactivity and is not left turned on to drain more battery. This will enhance the battery duration and you will experience longer gaming sessions with it. 
Set PS5 controller to turn off after 60 minutes of inactivity
Setting to turn off PS5 controller after 60 minutes of inactivity

How long does it take for the PS5 controller to turn off?

The PS5 controller will turn off according to the timer you set. Following time durations are available for the timer in ‘Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off’ setting:

  • After 10 Minutes
  • After 30 Minutes
  • After 60 Minutes.

The options are self-explanatory, e.g. if you choose the option ‘After 60 Minutes’, then the DualSense will turn off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

There is also another option to make your controller not turn off automatically, which is “Don’t turn off” option in the same menu. You can use this option to never turn off your controller automatically.

Set PS5 controller to not turn off automatically
Setting to not turn off PS5 controller automatically at all

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