How To Find PS5 Controller Serial Number. Quick Guide

How To Find PS5 Controller Serial Number. Quick guide.

PS5 Controller Serial Number can be hard to find. Given that the controller has various digits and characters mentioned on it, you might wonder how to find PS5 Controller Serial Number?

You can find the PS5 controller Serial Number by looking at the back of the controller. There you will find a bar code and just below it, you will find the serial number of 17 alphanumeric characters. For example: “G1090073984031109”.

In this article, we will discuss how to find the serial number for the DualSense and how you can contact Sony’s official PlayStation Support for DualSense issues. We will let you know about the importance of FCC ID and how you can take advantage of the FCC ID to buy a better DualSense. We will also how you can know if your purchased DualSense is original or fake. 

How to find PS5 Controller Serial Number?

As mentioned by the official PlayStation Page regarding the Serial Number on DualSense, you can find the PS5 controller Serial Number in the following ways:

  • Pick up your DualSense and look at its backside.
  • Locate a QR code printed on the backside.
  • Just below that QR code, you will have 17 alphanumeric characters which is the serial number of the DualSense.
How To Find PS5 Controller Serial Number at the back of the controller
Image Credit: Sony
The backside of the PS5 controller

Also, the serial number for the DualSense is mentioned between the QR code and the FCC ID. Do not confuse the serial number with the FCC ID mentioned on it. The FCC ID is only 10 characters long whereas the serial number is 17 characters long.

What does the PS5 controller’s serial number look like?

The serial number for the DualSense is a string of alphanumeric characters which is 17 characters long. We have also seen that most of the serial numbers start with “G1” characters. For example: G1090073984031109. 

When would I need the PS5 controller Serial Number?

There could be multiple scenarios where you might need the PS5 controller serial number. For instance, if you reach out to PlayStation Support for some issues related to your defective controller, then customer care might ask you for the serial number to help you further on the issue.

We recommend you note down and store the DualSense’s serial in a safe place. You can also use Google Drive or iCloud Drive to store the backup of the serial number.

What is FCC ID on the PS5 controller and how to locate it?

Identifying wireless products in the market requires an FCC ID, which is assigned by the Federal Communications Commission. 

You can find the FCC ID on the back of the controller. The “FCC ID” is 10 character long alphanumeric string. Also, the ‘FCC ID’ label is clearly mentioned on it before the actual values. Whereas for the serial number no label is provided, i.e. the serial number is directly written on it. 

If you are buying a new DualSense, then we recommend you go with the new Galaxy collection, because as mentioned by TronicsFix in the video below, Sony has made mechanical improvements to the wireless controller. The new collection is supposed to last longer than the original version of the DualSense.

Sony seemed to also have addressed the drifting issue of the analog sticks and improved the internals with the new version of DualSense. You can be sure that you have the improved version of the DualSense If you have DualSense that ends with FCC ID: “A”.

For example, the FCC ID of “AK8CFICSZA“ instead of “AK8CFICSZ1ensures that you have the improved version of the DualSense. Be on the lookout for the FCC ID ending with “A”.

One way to be sure about buying an improved version of DualSense is to buy the new Galaxy collection of DualSense which comes with an FCC ID ending with “A”. Galactic Purple, Cosmic Red and Starlight Blue are our favorite colors from the lot.

How do I know if my PS5 controller is original?

How can you tell whether DualSense is authentic or fake? You can verify that the PS5’s DualSense is original or not in the following ways:

  • If the DualSense came with your PlayStation 5 console itself and you had purchased the Entire Console from a reputed shop such as GameStop, Walmart, or Amazon. You can be sure that the DualSense is original.
  • If you bought a DualSense from a third-party store or a seller and you are not sure if the DualSense is original or not, then you can contact Sony’s official support and let them know about your case. They will ask you for the PS5 controller’s serial number and guide you further.

How to contact PlayStation Support for DualSense issues?

If you have a defective controller, then you can contact PlayStation Support at the following contact number:

  • 1-800-345-7669

There are other options to contact PlayStation Support as well, such as through chat, tweet, or writing a letter. We have a complete guide that covers ways to contact Sony’s PlayStation Support.

You can use the above guide to get in touch with Sony and explain to them about the faulty DualSense and the issues that you are facing. They might ask for some details from you, such as the DualSense’s serial number, date of purchase, etc. After this, they will surely help you resolve your issue of a bad controller.

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