Can you use PS5 camera as a webcam on PC?

Can you use PS5 camera as a webcam on PC

The Sony HD camera for PS5 is a useful accessory on the console, but can you use PS5 camera as a webcam on PC? We tried to connect the PS5 camera to a PC to know the answer and here is what we found out.

As the name suggests, Sony’s HD camera for PS5 only supports the Playstation 5 console at the moment. Even though the connector cable used by the PS5 camera is a standard USB cable, if you try hooking it to your PC, Windows won’t recognize the device as there are no official drivers available for the PS5 camera.

We will discuss other options available for your PC other than using the PS5 camera with your PC. First, let us look into the detail; what is the PS5 camera used for?

What is a PS5 camera used for?

You can use the PS5 HD camera to broadcast your gameplay on Youtube or Twitch. The camera captures 1080p video, which some users might feel a bit of a letdown as the world is slowly moving towards a 4K video quality standard. Even the PS5 itself is capable of playing games at 4K resolution. Nevertheless, the PS5 camera comes with Dual camera lenses, which helps in taking wider shots. PS5 camera might be used in conjunction with PSVR 2 in the future (if and when it is released for PS5), which will allow the users to experience next-gen PlayStation VR games.

The PS5 console also offered inbuilt Background removal tools for the HD camera. It allows you to seamlessly blend your picture with the gameplay without any extra setup from your end. You can start a recording or broadcast session with a simple tap of the ‘create’ button on top of the DualSense controller.

Can you use PS5 camera as a webcam on PC?

When we first saw the PS5 camera we were delighted to see that the cable used by Sony was a standard USB cable unlike the proprietory cable used in the camera made for the PlayStation 4. But as soon as we connected the device to a USB port on our PC absolutely nothing happened as there were no official drivers available to support the HD camera for PS5 on a PC.

The HD camera is a great accessory to be used with your PS5 as it opens up a new level of opportunities for you to do on your PS5. But if you are buying it considering the fact that it might work with your PC too then you might need to look for some other options for yourself.

What are the best webcams for PC under $60?

Don’t get disheartened with the news that your PS5 camera is not compatible with your Windows PC. We have compiled a list of cheap and best webcam options under $60, which you can use with your PC. Here’s the list of cheap and best webcams for PC:

  • NexiGo N930AF Webcam
  • Logitech C270 HD Webcam
  • NexiGo N680 webcam

Frequently Asked Questions for using PS5 camera.

Will Sony release official drivers of PS5 HD camera for PC?

Sony hasn’t released any official drivers for the PS5 camera as of now, but this can change in the future because, as you may already know that some PS5 accessories are already usable with Windows PC, such as the DualSense controller. Likewise, Sony might release the official drivers for the PS5 camera and make it compatible with PC. If they do, we will surely let you know about it.

Can you use a PS5 camera on PS4?

PS5 camera is not backward compatible with PS4. Even though the PS5 camera has a USB cable connector, it won’t work with a PS4. PlayStation 4’s camera uses a proprietary connection port to connect the PS4 camera, unlike a USB port.

Can you use a PS5 camera with a PSVR setup?

The PS5 camera is not compatible with the last-gen PSVR. We can expect the next-gen iteration of VR for PS5, i.e., the PSVR2, to be fully compatible with the PS5 camera. For the time being, if you want to enjoy PSVR on your PlayStation 5, you would require a PlayStation Camera adaptor to connect the PlayStation Camera of PS4 to the PlayStation 5 console. You can then use the PSVR on your PS5 with supported PS4 games. 

The good news is that the PlayStation camera adapter is free of cost for PSVR owners, and you can grab yours by following the official Sony link

Can you use the PS5 controller on a PC?

As the DualSense controller is made primarily for PlayStation 5, you can’t plug and play the PS5 controller PC. But with the help of third-party software using the PS5 controller on a PC is possible. You can follow our complete at How To Use PS5 Controller On PC? With Steam or DS4Windows.

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