All-New PlayStation Plus: Which tier is best for you?

All-New PlayStation Plus Which tier is best for you

Sony has announced its all-new PlayStation Plus service. The new subscription model includes different tiers of PS Plus service to choose from. Here are the different tiers available under the all-new PlayStation Plus service:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential
  • PlayStation Plus Extra
  • PlayStation Plus Premium
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe (Select Markets) 

PS Plus subscription service has gone through a significant overhaul by Sony. We will discuss all the different tiers available under the all-new PlayStation Subscription service in detail. Each tier comes with a set number of benefits.

Which membership tier should you choose? In this article, we’ll compare all the different tiers and compare the main features between the tiers. After comparing their costs, we will also explain which tier is best suited for you. The all-new PlayStation Plus subscription service provides more choice to customers across three membership tiers. We will also offer our feedback and let you know which subscription service tier would be best suited to you according to your needs to get the most value.

PlayStation Plus Essential

The PlayStation Plus Essential tier is the one you are familiar with already, i.e., it is the same old PlayStation Plus Subscription that you used to buy. They have changed nothing for this tier, and it comes with all the benefits and perks to which you are accustomed. For example, you get the following benefits with PlayStation Plus Essential tier:

  • Two free downloadable games each month
  • Access to exclusive discounts
  • Game storage on the cloud
  • Access to online multiplayer

You can buy the following PlayStation Plus digital code, which is the same as the PlayStation Plus Essential Tier package:

  • PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership
  • Playstation Plus: 3 Month Membership
  • PlayStation Plus: 1 Month Membership

PlayStation Plus Extra

The juicy part of the all-new PlayStation Plus Subscription, tier 2, a.k.a PlayStation Plus Extra. In this tier, you get all the benefits of PlayStation Plus Essential features and also the following added benefits:

  • Adds a selection of up to 400 of the most popular PS4 and PS5 games. The included games are from the PlayStation Studios catalog and titles from third parties.

Some of the games that will be part of this tier are God of War, Death Stranding, Mortal Kombat 11, Returnal, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The added collection of games is downloadable on your console to play at your comfortable time without worrying about streaming quality.

PlayStation Plus Premium

This is the Tier 3 of the all-new PlayStation Plus subscription and is the highest tier available with an all-new PlayStation Plus subscription. It provides all the features and benefits available with the PlayStation Plus Extra tier and also the following added benefits:

  • Provides access to 340 additional games, including PS3 titles available via cloud streaming and beloved classic games available via streaming and download from the PS1, PS2, and PSP eras.
  • It provides cloud streaming access to PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS4 games where PlayStation Now is currently available in markets. PlayStation Now will be merged into the PlayStation Plus premium service.
  • You can stream these games using PS4 and PS5 consoles and even on PCs, which allows the subscribers a great degree of freedom. Please note that you will require a high-speed internet connection for streaming games.
  • Imagine if you could test out games yourself before purchasing them; well, now you can; with the launch of the PlayStation Plus premium service, you can test out the game using time-limited trials. Sony also has a free time-limited game trial in this tier in which customers may also try select games before purchase. This can better help in-game purchasing decisions and increase Sony’s game sales. 

The old PlayStation Now will be incorporated into the new PlayStation Plus service and will no longer be offered as a standalone service. As a result, PlayStation Now customers will be migrated over to PlayStation Plus Premium without an increase in subscription fees.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe (Select Markets)

Sony has announced an additional tier called the PlayStation Plus Deluxe for select markets where cloud streaming service is nonexistent.

This tier will have all the benefits of the Extra Tier and also have the following features:

  • Includes a catalog of games from the PS1, PS2, and PSP era to download and play.
  • Just like the Premium tier, it will also offer time-limited game trials.
  • This tier will be priced lower than the premium tier, and the local pricing may vary by market.

All-New PlayStation Plus Features Comparison

Please find the table comparing the major features of the three tiers offered by Sony for All-New PlayStation Plus:

CategoryPlayStation Plus EssentialPlayStation Plus ExtraPlayStation Plus Premium
Number of free Games2 per monthEverything in Essential + 400 PS4 and PS5 games.Everything in Extra Tier + 340 PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.
Downloadable GamesYesYesYes
Games StreamingNoNoYes
Time Limited game trialsNoNoYes
All-New PlayStation Plus Features Comparison

All-New PlayStation Plus Costs Comparison

Here is a cost comparison between the All-New PlayStation Plus subscription service tiers. You can choose the service you like the most depending on your particular requirements.

CountryTime PeriodPlayStation Plus EssentialPlayStation Plus ExtraPlayStation Plus Premium
United StatesMonthly$9.99$14.99$17.99
United KingdomMonthly£6.99£10.99£13.49
All-New PlayStation Plus Costs Comparison

Verdict: Which tier should you buy off the all-new PS Plus service?

Verdict Which tier should you buy off the all-new PS Plus service

If you like downloading the games rather than streaming them, we recommend that you go for the PlayStation Plus Extra Tier. This tier will provide you the most bang for your buck if downloading and then playing games is your preferred method. You will be getting all the benefits of Essential Tier, and in addition to that, you will get a game catalog of additional 340 games. You could save a lot of money in the long run with this tier.

On the other hand, you would also like the flexibility to stream PlayStation games on your PS4/PS5 or PC and already have a high-speed internet connection. On top of that, if you would also like the benefit of testing a free trial of games, we recommend that you go for the Premium tier of the PlayStation subscription service.

 You can read about the all-new PlayStation Plus service at

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