Differences Between PS4 And PS5 Games. What’s new?

Differences Between PS4 And PS5 Games. What’s new

Are you planning on buying a PlayStation 5? Do you already own a PS4? There are many differences between PS4 and PS5 games. Following are the differences between PS4 and PS5 games:

FeaturePlayStation 5 gamesPlayStation 4 games
Improved graphics with RaytracingYesNo
Max FPS supportUp to 120 FPSUp to 60 FPS with PS4 Pro
Native 4K resolutionYesYes, but only with PS4 Pro.
Game loading timeFast, thanks to inbuilt SSDModerate loading speeds with inbuilt drive, but PS4 can also be upgraded to SSD
3D Tempest Audio supportYesNo
Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers for immersive gameplay on PS5YesNo

 We’ve seen the PS4 games before, but what do the PS5 games bring to the table? We will go over everything we know about the PS5 games and see how it compares to the PS4 games and check the gaming experience difference on both consoles. We will discuss the major differences between PS4 and PS5 games and tell you the advantages of playing games on the PlayStation 5 system. Let’s jump right into it.

Differences Between PS4 And PS5 Games

PlayStation 5 is a next-gen console system and offers a lot of improvement in terms of the visual and audio fidelity of games and provides an overall better gaming experience than the PS4. Following are some of the enhancements and biggest differences between PS4 and PS5 games:

  • Improved graphics with Raytracing on PS5
  • Higher FPS gameplay support on PS5
  • Native 4K resolution on PS5
  • Faster loading times on PS5
  • 3D Audio support on PS5
  • Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers for immersive gameplay on PS5

If you have both consoles or are planning to buy a PS5 console, the difference mentioned above will significantly improve your gaming experience. As the PS5 is backward compatible, if you have PS4 games available with you, you can play those games on your PS5 as well. Sony also provides free upgrade patches for PS4 games to enhance the game as per PS5 prowess.

Improved graphics with Raytracing on PS5

PS5 is a powerful console that has better graphics than PS4, hands down. PS5 games look much better than PS4 games as they feature improved graphics with sharper textures and raytracing technology which offers improved lighting effects.

The Ray Tracing in PS5 has stunning lighting effects by tracking the path of light. In real-time, rays are generated as they bounce off surfaces. With the help of Ray tracing technology, a game can render where the light falls on other objects and create the scene accordingly when any light source in the game produces light. 

In short, Ray tracing is a rendering technique that simulates light bouncing off surfaces and uses light rays to simulate shadows, reflections, and refractions. In games, ray tracing improves the realism and makes scenes appear more lifelike. This allows developers to create realistic lighting effects that were previously impossible.

Ray tracing and 4K gaming support

Higher FPS gameplay support on PS5

One significant difference is the frame rate support between PS4 and PS5 games. The PS4 supports 60 frames per second (fps), available on PS4 Pro only, while the PS5 supports 120 fps. The games running at 120 fps appear much smoother than those running at 60 fps. Also mentioned by Nvidia, higher FPS is beneficial for Esports.

PS5 offers two modes, namely performance mode and resolution mode for games. By switching to performance mode, you can enable the 120 FPS on your PS5. You can read about it in detail at the following link: Which to choose, Performance Mode or Resolution Mode in the PS5?

Native 4K resolution on PS5

As we told before, PS5 offers a two-mode performance mode and resolution mode. The resolution mode offers high graphic fidelity by offering 4K gameplay support. PS4 games, on the other hand, support 4K resolution with PS4 Pro only and not with the previous models of PS4. You can experience the best visuals that a game provides with the help of Resolution mode on PS5.

Thanks to PS5’s great specs, the graphical fidelity offered on PS5 is phenomenal. With native 4k resolution, HDR10 support, and 120FPS gaming, you will be blown away by the quality of the graphics on this console.

Although the PS4 Pro also supports 4K resolution, the games on PlayStation 5 offer next-level gaming fidelity as PlayStation 5 is a next-generation console. If you have both PS5 and PS4 consoles, then Sony also provides free upgrades from PS4 games to PS5 games via an update patch.

Please note that you will require a display that supports 4K resolution to enjoy gaming in 4K with PS5 or PS4 Pro consoles. You can also take a look at the following TV and monitors that offer 4K resolution:

Native 4K resolution on PS5, stunning visuals

Faster loading times on PS5

PS5 comes with an inbuilt SSD(solid-state drive) drive, which allows the PS5 to load the games at blazing fast speeds. Loading a game from the PS5 home screen takes significantly less time than the PS4 loading time.

The game load time difference is visible in-game also, e.g., when you swing across New York City in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the world can load faster around Spiderman. Another great example is Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, in which you can open portals to other dimensions; this also requires data to load swiftly. All this is made possible with the help of the fantastic loading speed of PS5.

Loading times are also critical because they affect how long it takes to get through the game menu, play a level, or complete a mission. Faster loading times mean players spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the game.

PS5 SSD 100x faster

3D Audio support on PS5

Audio in games can ultimately change the experience in gaming sessions. Sony has done a fabulous job with the PlayStation 5 in the Audio category. They have developed their audio engine known as Tempest 3D Audio.

With the help of 3D Audio, you can listen to audio coming from all directions. The experience is delightful in all the games. E.g., in Spiderman: Miles Morales, you can hear the action coming in from all directions and pinpoint your enemy’s location.

The 3D audio can also give you a fair advantage over your in-game enemies and, at the same time, offer a great experience. It also means that games on the PS5 will feature better immersion and sound quality than on the PS4.

We highly recommend that you experience the 3D Audio feature with PS5. Previously 3D audio support was available on headphones only, but Sony has released an update for PS5 and made the 3D sound available for Television sets. 

Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers for immersive gameplay on PS5

Dualshock 4 controller was great, but the Dualsense controller for PS5 is even great. The most exciting feature of the Dualsense controller is the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Haptic feedback gives you a real-time physical response according to your in-game actions. This adds to the overall immersion factor and improves the gaming experience. We recommend that you get a hands-on experience (pun intended) on the PS5 controller to experience what haptic feedback offers; you won’t be disappointed.

Another great feature of the DualSense controller is the adaptive triggers. We will give an example of this here; let us say you are playing a game and pull a bowstring. Now, you will feel the tension rising in the adaptive triggers of the Dualsense controllers, i.e., simulating the actual tension in the bowstring. How cool is that! This takes the immersion to the next level, and every time you play your games on PS5, you will love this feature.

The features mentioned above are available on PS5’s controller, which takes PS5 games to a different level in an immersion experience. These little things are what sets PS5 games apart from PS4 games.

All the features mentioned above, whether big or small, add up and provide different experiences. We recommend that you take your time and consider playing PS5 games; if you need any help choosing a PS5 console, we recommend that you read our article: PS5 Standard VS Digital Edition. Buy PS5 with a disc drive or save money?

Adaptive triggers for immersive gameplay on PS5

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